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Earn Up to 2-7%% From Your Referrals Deposits

About our Affilate Program
REWARD MEMBERS, WHO SHARE OUR INVESTMENT PLATFORM The affiliate program was created to reward members, who share our investment platform with their friends and colleagues. When you refer other people to our amazing investment opportunity, you earn up to 2-7% from their active deposits.

Standard Level: 2% From Your Referrals Deposits ($0.00 - $10000.99 total deposits)
Representative: 5% From Your Referrals Deposits ($10001.00 - $30000.99 total deposits)
Elite Partner: 7% From Your Referrals Deposits ($30001.00+ total deposits)

Your affiliate program level will advance automatically when you reach the required threshold of total deposited amounts from your referrals.

Your referrals re-deposit from balance (also known as "re-invest") will also grant the same referral commissions.

All commissions are automatically added to your account balance when the deposit is activated. In the case of cryptocurrency deposits, it may take a bit more time based on blockchain confirmations.
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